things to look forward in the coming Trump Administration

I have no idea what I should think of this.

It occurred to me in the current embargado, as Donald Trump waits the next month to take the reins of power with a fresh new approach to the government the United States has held at least at arms’ length…

And here that  “First they came for the Mexicans” (or anyone non cis male, I suppose)… idea abounds.

And, given his new fangled relationship with the government of Russia…

The Russian government is in the process of drafting a law to make emo and goth music illegal.
Last month a parliamentary committee was convened to discuss a draft proposal of the Russian government’s Government Strategy In The Sphere Of Spiritual And Ethical Education bill, the details of which were leaked to The Moscow Times. The newspaper subsequently reported that, among other things, the draft bill dubbed the musical movements a “dangerous teen trend” and called for emo and goth websites to be regulated and young people dressing like emos or goths to be banned from entering schools and government buildings.
The newspaper interviewed one of the bill’s authors, Igor Ponkin from the Russian Interior Ministry’s Public Oversight Council. Ponkin called emo a “social danger” and “a threat to national stability” and said the bill is a reaction to teen suicides such as the tragic death of British teenager Hannah Bond.

Of course, that was 2008, and we’re a long ways away.  So the question — When is the War on Emo going to commence? — is stopped by — is there any Emo out there to go to war against?

I don’t know.  Youth Culture Killed My Dog.

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