the story of an idea

A political cartoon, I don’t know if it’ll be published or hung somewhere.  Two Face of the Batman comics.  On the first end he’s saying something about Birther-ism, on the second end he’s raving about the CIA hacking and this election.

A false equivalence.  I suppose the end comes up the same — if you want the equivalence to land the other direction at least there was an election taking place with the second to settle the flood of minutiae and provide a story arc to slot false stories in place into the airwaves —  Oh, what was Hillary Clinton doing not campaigning in Wisconsin?

And frankly, it came down to James Comey’s last minute Wiener re-opening of the “case” anyways.  Not the Russians.

“Like complaining about a 15 year old photo-shopping”.  “And the CIA says what?”

So now Comes the age of hysterics in op ed writing.  But who can argue?  Certanly not…

nationalreviewliberalfreakout  Who, last I checked in the editorial purview of the magazine, really needs to have the cover for the “Conservative Freakout”, don’t they?




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