somewhere in the gray area between graft and honest graft?

The Great Political Philosopher, George Washington Plunkitt, may have roughly the best hope for regarding President Donald Trump on the issue that he’s gravitating toward to seal “working class whites” that brought him the election.

Which your Paul Krugmans and Bernie Sanderses are sliding into a project of corporate cronyism more than straight ahead new dealistic kenyanism.

(All very confusing distinctions to conservative punditry, particularly when history shows everything as strange unavoidable mixtures.)

There is Graft, and then there is Honest Graft*.
Maybe Donald Trump can provide us with a hybrid, and that will be good enough for Paul Krugman’s splitting of hairs on Donald Trump’s “accidentally” doing the right thing.

* Note on link sourcing: I guess I just have to thank the Communists at marxist dot org for putting up the Plunkitt / Riordon book defending Tammany Hall Politics, and being the first thing to pop up when I google it.

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