back to role as “South Park Republicanism”

Granted, Stone and Parker and the rest of the crew at South Park want you to actually watch the episode, and this clip is just a spur to take you it, but more shortly than later they’d have to pull the clip forward — like so –to their not horribly subtle political commentary in this bit, after Garrison is changed into Trump in the presidential “transition”.

With Vice President Caitlyn Jenner — just to show how theshow’s post election maneuvering after an unexpected outcome is going to be awkward.

PC Principal: Certainly want to, uh, congratulate you on the election.
Mr. Garrison: Do you remember the day you fired me, PC Principal? PC Principal: I know we’ve had some differences, uh –
Mr. Garrison: I was upset because a bunch of immigrants were changing my class, and I believe your response was that I needed to go and learn their language, be more open-minded.
PC Principal: I’m sorry that you’re position here at the school was terminated.
Mr. Garrison: Are you really? Are you really sorry? Because you see, PC Principal, you helped create me. You insisted that I was a bigot, that I was an intolerant relic left over from another time. But now…I’m your president. 

Sure.  Sure.  I’m familiar with the trope of linking like so:  This is why people are voting for Trump — tired of hearing about racist pumpkins.  The pounding problem lands on that the salve to micro-aggression isn’t macro-aggression — and when do Confederate Flags become big commodities in our nation as statements of what? — and the only thing worse than political correctness is political incorrectness.

As we see, the new Trump Administration is remarkably thin skinned.  See this obvious line on Trump’s continued twittering, as against reception of Hamilton audience to Mark Pence.  A president or VP who cant handle boos should find another line of work.


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