A somewhat more complicated map to digest than the 2008 “reddening and bluing of the map”, where that “red streak” in a sea of blue portented the future problems for Obama.  (Analyzed simply as the congruence of dying industry alongside the most concentrated “racial backlash” — and we know it’ll bleed outward.)  And a tad misleading — because, okay, Hillary Clinton fell off most places from Obama (though what’d be blue portents the future demise of the Republican Party in the same way the red of 2008 did the future demise of the Democratic Party.) — but the matter is the heavy flipping instead of the slow erosion…

trumpincreasesin2016  This is an interesting premise.  Effectively, we have an analysis for Pennsylvania that Clinton showed up well in Suburbia and the Urban city, but in the rural communities…

… where it had seemed the Democrats had hit bottom already, so why bother?

… They found a new bottom.

What happened is that where Obama lost the smaller more rural counties in the 70-30 range, Clinton lost them in closer to an 80-20 range.

I like the comments analysis here.  Clinton lost due to Sandy Hook, which effectively put gun control back on the map as a Democratic cause.  (Cynically possible.)  Email did it!  (Bubble-ocracy).  Maybe we should legalize heroin?   (Hm…)

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