the problem of Trump and the problem of Hillary at the Al Smith conflag

Donald Trump ruined the Al Smith Dinner.

Or so goes the consensus.

It’s interesting, but looking at the selection of jokes tossed about, we do begin with ones which seemed — oh, maybe risque only in terms of the venue, where the politicos are required to stick to nothing more outre than what Bob Hope might have lobbed at us.

This transcript is annoying.  After the line… After listening to Hillary rattle on and on and on, I don’t think so badly of Rosie O’Donnell anymore, we ought see “Smattered Boos”, not “laughter”.  Then again, the line of “boo”ing is intentional and a good crowd reaction.

But then… the problem with these…

Hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the Watergate Commission.


That’s not a joke.  It’s a very insular, feedback loop of right wing demogaugery, which makes no sense to anyone not in this loopy world.

See too…

and a totally different policy in private. That’s okay. I don’t know who they’re angry at Hillary, you or I. For example, here she is tonight, in public, pretending not to hate Catholics.

A wikileaks – related politicking, needing to get this meme out there.

What’s weird is the canned response from Hillary Clinton.  Yes, I know, the idea is to just smile and nod, but the gracious laughter routine was such that the response was just the same no matter what Trump threw out there — whether funny or inflammatory.  And maybe there is comedy to be gleaned by the latter, in the sense of “Wow.  My opponent is really self-immolating here” — but it doesn’t do much to dispel the robotic / micromanager conception of her.

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