Some senate races

I.  Arizona.  John McCain, running into trouble keeping Trump’s support but distancing himself in his race against Ann Kirkpatrick, pivots to the time-heeled manner Incumbent Politicians go to when they have trouble: I bring in federal money.

II.  Florida.  Sizing up Marco Rubio’s campaign.

And that’s what Rubio’s current race is all about — giving Rubio a platform from which to pursue the presidency. He will not even promise to serve the full six years if voters send him back to the Senate. In fact, he wouldn’t even truly serve the four years before the 2020 election. As he did in advance of the 2016 election, expect Rubio, if elected, to quickly blow off his Senate duties to run full time for president.


Why is he presidential timber?

III.  Georgia.  Johnny Isakson, trying to get to 50 percent plus one because otherwise he would have to do so in January.

His Democratic opponent apparently has decided Bernie Sanders’s rhetoric will sell in Georgia.

IV.  Hawaii.  Brian Schatz comes out swinging against the racist Jesse Waters “people on the street interviews in China Town New York” bit.

V.  Louisiana.  David Duke is running his campaign, essentially as Trump’s running mate.

Harsh comments:  As a former resident whom left upon the election of Piyush Jindal, and as someone with family still there.
Louisiana deserves David Duke, the man does, represent the majority of white opinion in that state.

VI.  Illinois.  Mitt Romney is trying to serve as an emblem of an alternative Republican political party in stumping for candidates — and here he is campaigning for Mark Kirk.

Romney endorsed Kirk on Wednesday, calling the Republican an “independent voice” who’s willing to work across party lines.

He doesn’t hold out any hope for Trump.

The former Massachusetts governor, who lost to President Barack Obama in 2012, also says the GOP must hold on to the Senate to “keep America from going off the rails.”

VII.  Indiana.  The US Chamber of Commerce does a flip-flop with Evan Bayh.

VIII.  Missouri.  Assessing how the Democratic challenger is coming up strong in a reddening state, I can’t help but note the unofficial comment’s reason.

Jason Kander has the best ad of 2016 which is the blindfold assemble machine gun ad.

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