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At this point in the game, Julian Assange’s best bet with hacked email from Hillary Clinton is to quit timing releases to try to undermine the election and try instead at her presidency.  Don’t bother until the day of her inauguration.

Unless maybe the theory is to get the coming “T Party” opposition to hang onto — a head start.  (The “Deplorables” merchandise is a mock worthy, they need some new phrases to throw around.)

And here we see Pat Buchanan, now absorbing the fact that his favored politician is politically dead and having to get ready for Hillary, is complaining about insensitive comments (politically incorrect?  Locker Room Talk?) made from Hillary Clinton’s email conversations — damned the Catholic Church and its opposition to some of our issues!
Sure.  Trumped up grievances.  It’s tossed in with the horrors we see in Clinton trying to assemble — and defeat — the celebrity appeal of Trump (the surface-level discussion is what’s throwing some conspiranoids digging into the wikileaks) and caricatures of Bernie Sanders supporters (no less unflattering than what the current wikileaks – supporters have said / posted in the past.)
Funny thing, though.  The dominant religion amongst Mexicans, including immigrants from Mexico in the US — both those legally here and not legally here — Catholicism.  Insulted publicly.  But Pat Buchanan is not terribly concerned.

It’s kind of weird.

On Thursday, Clinton appeared to get choked up on the set of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” when, during a taping, DeGeneres played a portion of Michelle Obama’s speech.
But Clinton quickly composed herself and, in a remarkable post-gender punt, pivoted to a laundry list of other constituencies whom she said Trump had offended

The political news analysis here is spotted as coming from her trying to avoid the “Gender Card” and / or the Clinton Past.  Political reasons — leave it to the apolitical Michelle Obama?  But I do have to wonder if there’s maybe a little bit of a need to — tie a few things together.  Toss out, even non-analytically, a certain intersectionality to Trump’s “litany”.  Shouldn’t a man who begins the campaign launch with a statement on Mexicans as rapists be automatically disqualified?  Why did it take this?  Because And someone who digs so deep into this pile of demagoguery is the kind of person you you won’t / shouldn’t be surprised to see “the tape”.

And then there’s

Trump’s Sunday morning tweet storm included a critique of NBC’s Saturday Night Live and its new Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin.

“Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me,” the candidate tweeted. “Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.”

For good measure, Trump added: “Media rigging election!”

Oh, for happier times.  Back when he was hosting, one year ago, last November.  If Trump could turn back time.

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