elections from hell

Interesting to look over to Eastern Washington and see…

Republican Clint Didier is facing Republican Dan Newhouse again.  As in, in the general election.

So we get this line of … idiocy…

Earlier this year, Didier’s Washington Patriots PAC ran an attack ad on Newhouse alleging that he advocated for extreme liberal positions on abortion and immigration issues, based on his vote for the omnibus bill.

Great election for the 38 percent of the district who cast their lot with Obama over Romney.

So.  Just how did this go in the primary election?

Newhouse picked up 46 percent of the primary vote while Didier, also a Republican, received 27 percent. Democrat Doug McKinley also remained in the running with 22 percent.

It’s an interesting, this “top two primary”.  Effectively, we have spoilers in the primary working against one party getting any representation in the general.  Though, I suppose it’s worth noting, pulling the total from John Malan in together, we still don’t arrive at Didier’s percentage, but… it didn’t help.


John “The Man” Malan.  Is he the new Gordon Allen Pross?

Didier versus Newhouse!

Both support Donald Trump, though Didier more enthusiastically.

Or you can go with this:

Didier supports Second Amendment gun rights and said that climate change is real, but not caused by humans.
“The climate is what God wants it to be because this is God’s earth,” he said during the candidate’s forum.

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