generic d versus generic r

Ted Cruz, I’m thinking, gambled at the time of the convention that it might be a landslide, or a low-level landslide, against Trump.  Seeing that Trump is coming in for at worst that low-level landslide loss and at best a win, he decided he had to throw in the towel and state he was siding with Trump.  Never mind his insinuation that his father killed Kennedy.

It probably doesn’t matter.  Cruz will continue to roil in the Senate for another term or two — maybe a term and a half, and won’t get anywhere in a presidential bid.

The Republicans have consolidated behind Trump, and Cruz is the last one in.  Which makes this election a  little funny… I’m thinking after all this, after all the over-bloated personalities that would shake the map up in curious ways, this election might just come down to how a Generic Democrat fares against a Generic Republican.

Which might not be that odd.  Maybe Trump is Generic Republican and Clinton is Generic Democrat.  There’s a reason they slid through the process the two parties have set up, roiling across the electoral fissures in each party.  If not Clinton, who?  If not Trump, who?  If the particular personality problem that forged the tightening of the polls was Hillary Clinton’s health and a week off — and here we’ll see whether this feeds into a larger narrative and the poll positions remain the same or if Clinton’s dwindling polling was the result of being out of the campaign hustlings for a week — it might be a remnant of the problem with the party with the public– not up to the standards of the Uber economy, the metanarrative of tired and old – or — something…

Sooo… that ad aiming at the Suburban Republican set — interesting to digest in the way it explicitly zooms in gender-wise from an earlier ad of “won’t somebody please think of the children?”  There is one push-back, or there would be, in the sense that I hope not to see policing of what flies in Entertainment.  I’m getting just a little queasy reading in liberal mags some extrapulation of the problems inherent in the field of un-pc professional wrestling, with Donald Trump’s dipping into that industry.  But the good news here for this line of attack is Trump never separated himself from his Entertainment world persona…

My theories of the election had it that perhaps it’d remain close up to the debates, when Hillary Clinton would pull away.  This had been super-ceded when Hillary Clinton pulled away — as Trump wasn’t recalibrating into a New Trump, and then dropped back to parity with Trump — when Trump finally did and when Clinton got sick.  It may be possible that the first theory will prove correct after-all, with that weird interim.

Good news.  According to Prisonplanet, Hillary Clinton bombed because she has one of those bumps that shows something or other and… since when does Alex Jones start linking to Ted Cruz facebook pages (globalist and Republican hack and all that)?  [And the beat continues…]

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