Time to reach out to… uh?

The stupid, the stupid, the stupid.

Mr. Trump began his recent appeal to black voters last Tuesday in Washington County, Wis., where 96% of the population is white. The campaign speech took place at a fairgrounds 25 miles from a largely African-American Milwaukee neighborhood that was at the time engulfed in turmoil after a black man was fatally shot by a police officer.

Mr. Trump continued his appeal to black voters on Friday at a rally outside of Lansing, Mich. In a county that is 88% white, Mr. Trump said African-Americans have “nothing to lose” by supporting him, because their plight in America’s Democratic-run inner cities is so dismal.

Next up.  Caspar, Wyoming.  Salt Lake, Utah.  Portland, Oregon.  Burlington, Vermont.

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said he has passed along requests from historically black colleges for Mr. Trump to speak. The requests were conveyed to the campaign, which didn’t respond, said Mr. Steele, who is black.

“The fact of the matter is it’s something that you’ve got to be a little bit smarter about,” said Mr. Steele, who said he would vote for Mr. Trump, with whom he said he speaks regularly to offer advice. “You don’t go to a white community to talk about black folks. Hello, it doesn’t make sense.”

Ah, yes.  Michael Steele.  The bizarre “I speak jive” Republican chairman, never mind his prior history in electoral politics was pretty devoid of black lingo.  But never mind…

Still, he’s onto something in castigating the third party run of Evan McMullin.

I don’t know where Trump can go on immigration.  I know Americans have somewhat famously short attention span on some things, but when you’ve already referenced Mexicans (illegally in the United States or not) as rapists, a “softening” of the rhetoric does… what?

The election campaign confuses me somewhat.  This comes off the heels of a “into the echo chamber” and “were gonna win, polls be damned, because of embarrassed Trump voters” [Which just might be worth a couple points] tacit.  Maybe these Breitbartian voices actually do have a pulse into real America after all?

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