revolution, my a$$…

“We are leaving behind the corruption, the backstabbing and the lies,” Stein told the protesters. “They have said they said bad things about Bernie and have apologized. They have said much more than bad things. They sabotaged a revolutionary campaign.”

So says Green Party stalwart, either nominee or coming nominee Jill Stein.  “Revolutionary”.
Contradicting earlier statements from Jill Stein regarding Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and her bluntly stated political understanding of the situation, and her a’coming (totally understandable)  strategy.

Lacking complete unity on the farthest left flank, Stein sees a huge bounty just around the corner in the form of soon-to-be disgruntled Sanders voters. She is careful not to seem like she is breaking out the popcorn as he suffers the digs and jabs from the Clinton behemoth, genially “wishing” her nominal rival, “all the luck in the world.” But she fully expects him to lose. And when he does, she plans to “let this be a learning experience, the teachable moment” for Sanders backers, so they will discover that “political revolutions that start in the Democratic Party, unfortunately, they die in the Democratic Party.”

Somewhere in the past I saw an Economist (corporate media from Britain, I suppose) analyst of the Democratic primary bunch with the assessment that Bernie Sanders would more likely “bring new voters” in for Hillary Clinton.  And, I suppose by that assessment, some of the new voters would not be voting for Hillary Clinton, and as everyone knows where she’s heading on TPP (MacAulife has spilled the beans on that one)– well, hey… better Jill Stein than, you know… Trump.

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