the “worst ever” canard

I’d once upon a time smirk to that claim that the last president of the United States was the “Worst Ever” — eventually Rolling Stone got around to that idea on the cover and I suppose that represents the height of respectability for where that idea was floated and consecrated.

And, of course, we have the multitudes who claim the current president is the “Worst Ever” — mildly amusing.  Congressman Ben Quayle may be the height of respectability for where that idea has been consecrated.

Now we see this.  David Cameron as the “Worst Ever” British Prime Minister.  Or at least for the past 100 years.

And that’s interesting.  His domestic policy, Tory as it is in he scheme of British politics, is such that there were figures for the Obama administration on the election staff (as there were for his Labor opponent), so for all intents and purposes I would say write that one off.  Besides which, the 1970s litany of British prime ministers were notorious for ineffectuality an (perhaps) senility.

I know we have Neville Chamberlain.  But we can understand where he was coming from, at least.

So for Cameron, his legacy of decisions made one mistake in way to re-election: placate the isolationist part of his base by promising the Brexit Referendum.  It got him re-elected.  Perhaps?  And had he not done it, Britain would be in a position closer to where he wants it (in the European Union) either with him or with the Labor Party in power right now.

Make of it all what you will.

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