Academic studies on Trump.

Donald Trump takes to Scotland to open a golf course — good multi-tasker he be — and opines on Brexit.
The Demographic age breakdown of the vote.
What’s the British equivalent to “Moving to Canada?”
The new New Yorker cover — homage to Monty Python’s Silly Walk sketch.

Reagan did not like Trump.  Patrick Bateman did…

Senate Republican Hawks liable to get trounced.

Modern day Junkie narrative.

Review of Fortean Times.

Blondie is set in 1984.

The Killer’s gay lover.  I am skeptical, and am half uncertain that looking at curious personal angles isn’t just gratuitous celebrity porn.

How the Democratic Party, which seems to have moved to the left just now, is poised to move to the right in the wake of a Trump Epic Defeat.

In Defense of College Free Speech at UC Irvinge.

The Bush Broccoli thing continues.







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