“told you so”? i guess?

My observation upon the 2013 defeat of the last major push for a gun control bill — Toomey and Manchin spear-heading for their political aims of, oh, Blue state (vulnerable in upcoming cycle) Republican and Red State (needing credibility for the party in rural America) Democrat–

my observation stands.

The theory of this is that this bill will come back up and it will be tougher.  Frankly, though, I align with the gun control “sour grapes” contingency of “just as well this didn’t pass”, but for different reasons.  Whether or not something pops up that is more meaningful — […] — I would rather have no bill come out and no pretense that something just happened than a bill come through with the illusion that something just happened — when it didn’t.

That particular bill… would not have addressed the issue of how the killer in Orlando managed to purchase his semi-automatic weapon… with, oh, major domestic violence in his background, even more of an issue, says me, than that he would be probed in the hunt for radical jihadism.
On that latter score, you can imagine that the Democratic challenger to one Rand Paul in the state of Kentucky is going to… try to flank to his right in his argument while flanking to the left.

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