who came in third?

The “others” in the West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary …

Paul Farrell …           8.9 percent
Keith Judd …            1.8 percent
Martin O’Malley       1.6 percent
Rocky De La Fuente .4 percent

I had thought that by sheer logic of a kind of name recognition, Keith Judd was slated to come in third place, but… the problem seems to be that he received permission from parole to actually do a bit of campaigning, and once they learned he had an occupation as a “superhero”, that was it.  So it is Paul Farrell

He captured 9 percent of the vote statewide, and in Mingo County, the heart of West Virginia’s coal country, he even won 113 more votes than Mrs. Clinton.

That maps overlaying results in 2012, 2008, and now 2016 will be very interesting…


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