lessons from the Oregon Voters Pamphlet

David Morrison is running for city commission to defeat cell phone radiation.
Dave Stauffer is running for Secretary of State to promote an invention which will solve the country’s environmental problems.
Donald J Trump supports free and fair trade, and opens and closes with the same statement about making America Great Again.
Sam Carpenter, running for the Republican nomination for Senate, conflates defeating career politicians with defeating political correctness.
Mark Callahan, running for the Republican nomination for Senate, seems to be trying for Trump supporters with a line about making Oregon Great Again, and Cruz supporters by being a true constitutionalist conservative.
Dan Laschober has unilaterally declared “Obamacare” to be the “Lie of the Year” for 2013.
Allan Alley bemoans a high high school drop out rate and high food stamp usage, and announces that Oregon has the “greatest people in the country” — a curious soliloquy that’s either a contradiction or not depending…
Sid Leiken, running for Secretary of State is sick of the one party rule AND the bickering between the parties… which should be solved by one problem over-ruling the other, I’d think.

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