i have no clue whether students for trump supports trump or not

Pearls Before Swine on Campus Free Speech.

A bit at the heart of why some people who shouldn’t much like Donald Trump based on his politics (What brand of conservative are you?  The answer is the one that values bombast above all else.  See hereabouts.) throw some support for him.  And so comes in the case of the Portland State University student who started up a Students for Trump group, and ended up shouted down by protesters.  The name “Students for Trump”?

If this was Students for Cruz or Students for Kasich, they probably would have shown up and screamed at us, but it wouldn’t have been as interesting and it wouldn’t have been on this same level.

All right.  So this is just a students Conservatives or Republicans group, with the moniker “Trump” tossed in as act of provocation.  Oh, for the good old days when you knew “Students for Goldwater” was actually for Goldwater.

I disagree with much of his economic policies. What I like about him is that he is a symbol of reaction.

Interesting that he embraces that word.  But I suppose.

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