it’s official: you are required to hate Andy Jackson

Interesting “hm” tossed out here, in this anti-Trump editorial

It is a way by which we can bring together in one concentrated image the way people in a given social environment organize and give meaning and direction to their lives.” Think of Chief Seattle, Rosa Parks, Rachel Carson, Cesar Chavez or John Lewis. Yet obdurate traits of a people can also be exemplified (and stoked) by demagogues. Think of Andrew Jackson, George Wallace or Donald Trump.

Think of Andrew Jackson, George Wallace, Donald Trump…

And so the historical vantage-point of Andrew Jackson has ebbed to a low point.  Once Harry Truman’s favorite president.  Sometime ago adapted as a positive virtue by the Weekly Standard to lift up Sarah Palin.  (Hitchens knocks about with some bite on that “Bryan” part of the equation — and it is worth pointing out where he was at the famed 1924 Democratic Convention as probed in a recent New Yorker — fighting the good pro-McAdoo pro-Klan forces in the platform committee)  Now Jackson sits in historical disgrace, with standard line holding him as did John Quincy Adams sneering at the unruly mob of yee-hangers running into the White House to eat Andrew Jackson’s wheels of cheese.

And so Jackson. So Trump.

Rebut:  I might as well as add my two cents. No 19th century figure could survive a comparison with our refined moral attitude. Andrew Jackson was BAD because he was a slaveholder, he had a prickly sense of honor, he believed in hard money, and was against a central bank. Yet, he was elected president twice and reflected a changed political sensibility.

Rebut the Rebut:  It is the easiest thing in the world to say that we can’t judge them by our standards, but an entire party of Americans – the National Republicans and then the Whigs – judged him by their own standards and found him wanting on moral as well as political grounds.

And then there’s… Andrew Jackson took on the Banksters and defeated them. Trump is doing the same thing – which is why they are so angry and afraid. GO TRUMP!

Well.  Jackson has a complicated legacy at that.

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