rock and roll part two

Leaving aside some embarrassing quick typos, this does smack me as a pretty good blog post of mine.  Just a response to a letter to the Oregonian from a “Mark Kraschel”.  Footnotes of one rant, echoing points that if I’m generous point to fair laments, but in and of themselves fall apart.

In the intervening years, I’ve noticed that “Mark Kraschel” garners a number of search phrase hits.  Why, I don’t know.  Maybe he googles his name a lot?

Anyways… googling about, I see that he reads the Economist, and is a fan of Donald Trump.  At least… I think he is?

You used so much ink trying to convince us that Donald Trump is not fit for office (“Time to fire him”, February 27th). Do you think the type of person who reads your erudite publication would ever consider voting for him? Not likely. The people who will vote for The Donald are the disaffected bitter-clingers whom the last candidate you passionately begged us to vote for—Barack Obama—disparaged in his campaign. Those same disaffected people haven’t been doing well over the past eight years, and in case you haven’t noticed, they are mad as hell.
Government isn’t working for us. There are few good jobs, we’ve been stuck with a joke of a health-care system, the few rights we still enjoy are under siege and the future looks dim for our children. We are powerless to foment a revolution while working two part-time jobs to make ends meet, so all we can do is register a protest against the Dickensian nightmare that the elites have created for us by voting. Apparently, nobody listened (Republican or Democrat) to what we were trying to say in 2012. Come November, you’ll be hearing from us again, louder and clearer.

It is a type of analysis, I’ll give you that.  He’s for the Donald not so much because The Donald will do anything substantial to address the problems of the system, but because he speaks in clipped insults against the Establishment, “just like me”.

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