Republicans to Party Like it’s Democrats’ 1968!!!

David Brooks goes all “Re-Create 68″ on us.  Which, I’m supposing is the result of a 43 percent Trump delegate count with a 33 percent Cruz delegate count getting side-stepped by… Mitt Romney — and after a convenient change in the rules to disavow the 8 primary win threshold.

The most striking comment here is around David Brooks:

This isn’t about winning the presidency in 2016 anymore. This is about something much bigger. Every 50 or 60 years, parties undergo a transformation. The G.O.P. is undergoing one right now. What happens this year will set the party’s trajectory for decades.

It’s worth mentioning that Rush Limbaugh is taking to the Donald Trump bandwagon.  As opposed to Glenn Beck, who isn’t.

Theoretically, the two pillars of conservative talk radio would be sliding into opposite directions as… whatever the hell is about to transpire in this hypothetical worm-hole commences.

Oh.  Wait.

Option 3: Support a center-right, third-party candidate for president who would represent a civil rights Republicanism and hold the core message of the party in trust for better days. This approach would depend on finding a strong candidate who is willing to engage in an important but (given the history of such efforts) losing effort. A Mitt Romney candidacy would smack too much of an establishment bent on revenge. In contrast, Mitch Daniels, the former governor of Indiana, would carry a winsome, disciplined, conservative message. Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice would stand for everything Trump does not — gravity, dignity, character and serious moral purpose.

Oh my god, it’s Dick Morris’s fantasy 2008 “Hillary versus Rice” campaign finally come to fruition!

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