political feh

I’ve been musing over Daniel Pinkwater’s twitter feed.  And Donald Trump.  It’s struck me as hard to believe that he Pinkwater would be wanting to be twittering about politics, even the buffoonish debacle of Donald Trump as he paces his way to the nomination of one of the two major parties and is at least somewhere in the vicinity of the White House… even against the exasperation.

Years and years ago, I sent in to the “Talk to DP” forum which mostly in jest defended/supported the bopping yoga Transcendental Meditation presidential candidate of the Natural Law Party, and received the reply that they’re not doing politics, even weird ones.

Anyway, looking over the twitter account, I see his Trump missives have been cleared out.  See, for instance, this used to be a link to the news of David Duke’s endorsement — now it’s a “page doesn’t exist” page.

And seems to be the way the world oughta work.

And I suppose I should have some schadenfreude on the “Republican elite” that the major alternative to Trump emerging is the man they had been debating as who is the lesser and greater evil– until I note there’s a pretty good reason to view Cruz as a greater evil…

In the game of arts and politics… This is interesting — a thing that happens… delete your history — don’t want the Youth to see the cover and think smoking is cool, even if it was in the 1950s setting…

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