rubio blew it

The Republican Party Presidential nomination becomes ever more cartoony…

… with all due respect to cartoons.

Upping the ante from the previous “Desperation for all contenders” debate amongst a field that included a few more candidates, the new ever more “Desperation Debate” …

… and Marco Rubio becomes Donald Trump.  By which I mean, allude to Donald Trump urinating.

He called me Mr. Meltdown,” said Rubio, deriding the botched spelling of Trump’s post-debate tweets. “Let me tell you, during one of the breaks – two of the breaks – he went backstage. He was having a meltdown. First he had this little makeup thing, applying makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches. Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don’t know why, because the podium goes up to here. Maybe he was making sure his pants weren’t wet. I don’t know.”

And then… He read aloud from Trump’s Twitter timeline, mocking everything and pointing out three misspellings.  To be sure, probably about the level of presidential electioneering demanded in this surreal age of Twitter.

Chris Christie, who after all is Donald Trump’s dopple-ganger, is not won over by this last minute conversion to the politics of — Trumping — and has endorsed Trump hisownself.  Leaving aside the right-left x-axis (which they both share a spot on anyways — somewhere around the spot of “Politically Opportunistic”) — they share the spot on the y-axis of “jerk”.  Rubio too much a johnny come lately to make any splash.  It’s reminds me of what George Carlin said of the 1996 Bob Dole — Bill Clinton race…

if honesty were suddnely introduced to american society, the whole system would collapse, no one would know what to do. deep down inside~ americans know this too! thats why they elected and relected bill clinton. the american people like thier bullshit close and upfront so they can smell it. bob dole said “i’m a plain and honest man!” bullshit. clinton says “hiya folks! i’m completely fulla shit!” and the people say, “at least he’s honest….”

Which is to suggest one thing about Hillary Clinton.  Her brand may be of the right type to battle back Donald Trump (political reincarnate of Arnold Schwarzenegger?)  She can wobble from any “purity” stance — right?

The remaining figures of the Republican race are best left to shuffle to a dignified exit, with an eye toward 2020 and a sly manner of “picking up the pieces” of a Republican Party defeat… Not that I think Donald Trump losing is a fore-gone conclusion.  We’re entering curious territory here.

And so we gauge the implausibility of anything other than a Donald Trump nomination.  Too may leaps and bounds for Rubio.  Not enough space for Trump to slide into oblivion.  Trump — is he Jesse Ventura — is that what we’re looking at?

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