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Clinton and Sanders Set For High-Stakes Democratic Debate.

Oh, and also O’Malley.

Scheduled, as it is, in the middle of a three day weekend.  Just as the last one was scheduled sometime during Holiday Season.  The vision of the DNC head, to hold as few debates as possible that will not be seen.

Still, an interesting debate thingy has emerged in the Democratic race.  Hillary Clinton proffers to the left of Sanders by pointing out the inherent weakness of federalism.

Clinton also said Sanders’ single-payer healthcare proposal would likely require a tax hike on the middle class, saying in an interview this week with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Sanders’ single-payer plan would “dismantle healthcare as we know it.”


Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan is too expensive and too reliant on the cooperation of Republican governors.

And so we’re situational federalists.  In the current political climate, the Republicans have a pretty good lock on the local level down ballot with the “Generic Democrat” (that’s Hillary Clinton) favored for the top spot of Presidency.  Through the Bush administration, there was room for state level governors of Democratic red-state stripe, and at that point Democrats and liberals edged into support of taking policy down to the state level — now a vote for a Democratic governor in Kentucky (to use the most depressing result of this last year) is at some level a vote for Obama, so… the game goes aflutter.

As for the other issue Hillary Clinton can claim left-wing ground on Obama — guns — well… that’s only emerged as a litmus after… oh, Sandy Hook?


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