a pivotal moment in American history

November 8.  And Presidential Elect Donald Trump walks up to the podium and stadium full of the excited cheerful.

“I have an announcement to make.  This was all supposed to be a joke.  I have billions of dollars, and decided what the hell, I’ll spend it on on one giant joke — see how far this one goes.  Frankly I thought I’d peter out somewhere around November of last year.  I mean, did you hear some of the bullshit I was saying then?  It was a challenge to just keep upping the ante, and…

God, I thought the final straw would be my vice presidential pick.  Ammon Bundy?  Really, could I have picked someone more wack-a-doodle from this weird right wing fan base I’ve courted?

Well.  Here I am.  President Elect.  Geez, now what, America?  I’ll get to work… Make America Great Again and all that bullshit.  Go back over effectively my acting performances from my reality tv series… sure, sure… ‘You’re Fired’ — that’s all I have to do to handle Kim Jong-un…”

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