irritating regurgitating regurgitation irritation

I glance at a handful of minutes of CNN’s morning show.  Sound is off.  The panel of political pundit figures are discussing, as suggested by the bottom line, what Donald Trump will say at his Republican Convention speech.  You know, to bring together the factions of the Republican Party, and alleviate the concerns of those Republicans not fully on board Donald Trump as their nominee.

The next topic of discussion, as suggested by the line at the bottom, is whether Hillary Clinton can and excite the floor at the Democratic Convention.

None of this is relevant to any real understanding of our politics, whether that be the superficial horse-race or something more substantial in analysis.  But these (political) cable news channels have lots of time to kill, so here’s what you get on a Sunday morning in the dead of winter.  It is a bit like watching ESPN, except when they’re flipping from one topic to another in rapid fashion on, say, the end of the NFL season and into the playoffs, the premises of how the teams hold up have some basis with the game on the field.

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