gone from the undercard

After supposedly winning the “undercard” debate (by dent of getting a few media – savvy one liner quips into the limited media notation coverage on the “undercard” debate) Lindsey Graham quits the Presidential Race, and “GOP Wonders Who’s Next“.

Will it be Jim Gilmore?  Rick Santorum?  Mike Huckabee?  George Pataki?  Who, who, who?

“This is an election for the heart and soul of the Republican Party,” Graham said on CNN. “This is no longer about 2016. This is about who we are as a party, where do we want to go, where do we take the country.”

And it is does not belong to Lindsey Graham.

But the questions this wages isn’t so much… who’s next?… it is…

… Will this provide a space for Jim Gilmore to make this next “undercard” debate, and if not… can we have an “undercard” debate with, oh, 2 candidates on the stage?

And, I guess, who wins the much vaulted “Lindsey Graham” support?  Jeb Bush gets the official campaign apparatus, for whatever that’s worth

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