France politics swerve about a tad

Pat Buchanan jumps up and down in cheering on a right wing election triumph for France.

In Sunday’s first-round of regional elections in France, the clear and stunning winner was the National Front of Marine Le Pen.
Her party rolled up 30 percent of the vote, and came in first in 6 of 13 regions. Marine herself won 40 percent of her northeast district.
Despite tremendous and positive publicity from his presidential role in the Charlie Hebdo and Paris massacres and the climate summit, Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party ran third.

What drove the victory of the National Front?

Take a guess.

Angela Merkel and open borders are yesterday in Europe; Marine Le Pen is tomorrow.

Funny thing, that the ammo today website publishes this Pat Buchanan piece with the additional headline extension “Soon It Will Be Hard Right”.  So we get there the commenters…
After more than 50 years of post World War II Liberalism it’s time for America to make a ‘Right Turn’. Average Americans are sick and tired of what’s going on, especially over the last six or seven years.

And, hm.  Pat Buchanan knows about winning an election in, say, New Hampshire, and then … oh, not winning anything more.
The failure of Marine Le Pen’s National Front to win a single region in the runoffs puts an end — at least for the moment — to any talk of her becoming president of France. […]
The National Front had promised a historic breakthrough after coming out of the initial round ahead in six of France’s 13 regions, with strong chances of winning three of them: Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur in the south, Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the north, and Alsace-Lorraine in the east. The Socialist party responded by withdrawing its candidates in those regions and calling on its supporters to vote for The Republicans, who went on to win all three. That’s a foretaste of what may happen in the 2017 presidential vote.

Message sent loud and clear.

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