breaking down the Republican field for 2016

Explaining the strange confusion of how the 2008 Republican fight broke down after a slew of candidates strangely unacceptable to the Republican rank and file…

Moving from 2007 into the 2008, the Republican nomination fight slid into three factions: in the hawkish military conservative wing, John McCain beat out Rudy Giuliani, in the social conservative wing, Mike Huckabee beat out Sam Brownback, and in the “establishment politico” wing, Mitt Romney beat out Fred Thompson.

It appears that we have in 2015 going into 2016 another three wings of the Republican party.  In the Celebrity/Outsider wing, Donald Trump looks poised to beat out Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, In the “Libertarian/ Tea Party” wing Ted Cruz looks to be beating out Rand Paul, and in the Establishment Politico wing, Marco Rubio looks like he’s beating out Jeb Bush.

The interesting thing about Ted Cruz is how Donald Trump has shifted about the Overton Window to let him in as “credible” as nominal Republican nominee possibility  — at least as a whole you can move down the right-wing scale of conservative causes and spot him somewhere, where with Trump his appeal seems to be from out of right-wing talk radio — Xenophobia, sure, but large amounts of bluster.

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