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Bobby Jindal suspends presidential campaign: ‘This is not my time

It is worth asking.  When will Bobby Jindal Time be coming?  2020? 2024?

Jindal, who at 44 was the youngest candidate running for president, returns to Louisiana wildly unpopular — even among some of his once-loyal supporters.
Both candidates running to replace him — Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican David Vitter — have frequently criticized Jindal. Neither has sought an endorsement from the one-time wunderkind of the GOP. Edwards and Vitter face each other in Saturday’s runoff election.

But okay, I’m not sourcing it to a friendly news source.

It’s an interesting — kinda– election in Louisiana.  David Vitter has a contingency of “not voting for Vitter” Republicans that this Edwards fellow is now trying to win over, needing to slide into “all things for all people rhetoric” to win.  What does it mean nationally, other than the hope that a stretch of national real state will dilute how Republican it is on the state level?  Who knows?

The question on Bobby Jindal is… now who’s going to pick up all of Bobby Jindal’s supporters?

Twitter a thon answers!

Fellow candidates praised Jindal. Ben Carson said he ran “a campaign he should be proud of”, while South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham wrote that Jindal “has always been a strong voice for the conservative cause”.

Rick Perry called him a “great governor, standup friend, loyal American!!”

Maybe Rick Perry can pick up the support.  Even as he too is not in the damned race anymore.

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