Western Idaho?

No… Noooo… NOOOOOO!!!

Instead of creating a whole new state like most aspiring secessionists, one disgruntled resident is looking for support in joining eastern Oregon and Washington with Idaho.

The separation movement comes from Oregon native, Ken Parsons — a 72-year-old farmer from La Grande, Ore.— who wants rural residents of the two states to jump ship to more conservative-leaning Idaho.

Parsons has contacted state legislators in all three states, newspapers and created a Yahoo group called “Oregon and Washington Joining Idaho.”

“It’s an intriguing idea,” Parsons told the East Oregonian.

Growing up in Eastern Washington, I could always had one thing to hang my hat on… “Well… at least it’s not Idaho.”  And so, with that bit of Washingonian self identity, I could root for sports teams from across the Cascades, and fuzz the matter outside of the state.  This guy wants to do with all that.  Take away this from the disaffected youth of his area…

Interesting line, though, in one of the write-ups.  A college professor telling him “don’t bother”, beyond improbable… and the movement is best to “get involved in politics”… Curious, as — their quixotic actions are, definitional, politics… and probably to them about as likely to stem the tide of the damned liberals as the parliamentarian moves the professor is thinking as the definition of “getting involved in politics”.

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