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Easy explanation for a bit of this

Lincoln Chafee supporters may be small in number, but they came out on top of the grammar charts, making an average of just 3.1 errors per 100 words. Trump supporters, on the other hand, made more than four times as many mistakes, with 12.6 per 100 words.

Hillary Clinton supporters came in at the bottom for Democrats, tying with those of Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, who was at the top of the list for the Republicans — supporters for each averaged 6.3 errors per 100 words.
You have to really, really commit yourself to be a “Lincoln Chafee supporter”.  Hillary Clinton… is sort of the default setting for the Democratic Party support (even as there’s a pretty good shift from the default to “Bernie Sanders”… at least in terms of that classic “Year before the election” situation, but it is still a “deviate from script”.)

On the Republican side, and Donald Trump “winning”… well…  I’d be curious to see how the Spanish language comments supporting Donald Trump come out.
For Marco Rubio, we can probably just skip everyone and zero in on the grammer of the Brothers Koch, the oppositional subject for Larence Lessig’s first campaign ad buy.

What say Lawrence Lessig on the eve of a Presidential debate?
There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the idea of an outsider. [The DNC] might look at what’s going on with the outsiders in the Republican Party and think, Well it’s a good thing we don’t have those. And I think it’s not a problem they’ve had to think about before, so that leaves them to be conservative about it. The people inside the party who are aligned in the leading candidates aren’t eager to increase the competition. The perspective I’d be offering especially in those debates would be radically different than what anybody else is offering.
Wait.  Isn’t Bernie supposed to be an outsider?

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