Democratic field updates

Democratic Presidential hopeful (?) Lawrence Lessig considers that a Donald Trump presidency would be very Vladimir Putin-esque.  Myself, I kind of imagine that with Donald Trump, we’ll find out what the hypothetical Huey Long presidency that haunted Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 would haved ended up looking like.

Creepy note from The Hill, as they ruminate on 1968… So Joe Biden, even if he doesn’t officially enter the race for president stands an excellent chance of being the 45th President of the United States.  This is the hypothetical as the modern day Eugene McCarthy — Bernie Sanders — reaches his ceiling of support and … Elizabeth Warren jumps in ala Bobby Kennedy, and somehow or other Hillary Clinton is Lyndon Johnson, but the establishment is worry about Warren, and they decree Biden the new Hubert Humphrey and…
Of course, I’ve darkly ruminated on how Biden could end up the 45th Presidency since Obama selecting him as his running mate, thinking 1963 not 1968… and Hillary Clinton got in some trouble in 2008 for ruminating on why she should stay in the race, ala 1968, so what does this all mean?
In the current silly season, pontificators are pontificating on the wisdom of how Biden should jump in the race, and his chances of up-ending Hillary Clinton is to declare Elizabeth Warren his running mate and insist he’ll be a one term presidency… this speculation was ignited when Biden was seen talking with Warren recently.  It takes that little to ignite things.

Martin O’Malley does the late night circuit — oh, Late Night with Seth Meyers.  Apparently he recited his stump speech in interview format.

Jim Webb is politicking in Hawaii.  Because… why not?  It’s Hawaii!

Bernie Sanders is beloved by a bunch of celebrities… which is sure to make right wing talk show hosts laughing…
For curiosity’s sake, he wandered to Liberty University — the fundamentalist Christian college of Jerry Falwell — and… respectably disagreed with the crowd.
And for a reporter from New York, the school is an exotic scene: students with eyes closed in rapturous prayer singing along to the Christian rock band that opened for the Democratic presidential candidate; students that answer every question with a “sir” at the end; many students wearing suits and dresses rather than jeans.
Sanders modified his stump speech with quotations from the Bible cited by chapter and verse — Matthew 7:12, “do to others what you would have them do to you” and the more obscure Amos 5:24, “let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-ending stream” — but otherwise stuck to his core issues of fighting economic inequality after bluntly acknowledging his pro-choice and pro-gay marriage positions.
But what was striking wasn’t the majority of students who lacked enthusiasm for this most liberal candidate in the presidential race, but the few among them who came wearing Bernie T-shirts and brandishing handmade signs.

Hillary Clinton in an amusing Republican debate response, unwittingly highlighting why the DNC should have a bunch more debates — for no other reason than for the vast Democratic echo chamber of noises to match up more evenly with the Republican echo chamber of noises.

Lincoln Chafee … as close to Ron Paul on foreign policy, which doesn’t seem to be giving him any traction with that smeddling of Democrats who gravitated somewhat to Ron Paul… though, maybe they didn’t exist all that much?

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