the silly season polling says…

Wait.  What?

On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling released a poll showing the Vermont senator topping presumed front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by a 42-35 margin. Following far behind the top two contenders are Jim Webb at 6 percent, Martin O’Malley at 4 percent, Lincoln Chafee at 2 percent, and Lawrence Lessig at 1 percent. Just about everyone in New Hampshire likes Sanders. The Vermont senator has a 72 percent favorable rating from Democrats in the state, with only 12 percent saying they dislike him. A quarter of Democrats in the state say they have an unfavorable view of Clinton.

Two things — one … at least in New Hampshire, and to some extent these state polls are what matters and not , and to some other extent these state polls do not matter because… urm — the year before the election is the year of the “non-practical wistful vote” —

One:  The dream of getting Lincoln Chafee to 1 percent, as per the comedy routine of fellow marginal player Conan O’brien, has become more than a reality.  And, two:  Lawrence Lessig?


That last one is fascinating… I don’t know that Bernie Sanders is running to “win”, not to “govern”, but…

Meantime… Joseph Biden is considering — and meeting with Elizabeth Warren to spur speculation , because… well, Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton in polls, so why not?  And because Elizabeth Warren will help neutralize the problems that come with entertaining the prospect of nominating or electing Joseph Freaking Biden.

And Al Gore is being … touted… for amusement’s sake.


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