Time to start finding and nominating grays, blacks, greens, and purples

Another Democratic primary election out in the Southern tier of states, another “Some Guy Wins”… because his name is a color, basically.

Robert Gray was driving a truck for his small business Fancy Horse Transportation on Monday. On Tuesday, he was the Democratic nominee for governor of Mississippi.
The 46-year-old from Terry, Mississippi, didn’t even vote in the primary, allegedly too busy operating his independent livestock hauling business. His opponent, incumbent Governor Phil Bryant, has a reported $2.8 million cache in his campaign fund, while Gray is living day to day without health insurance.
It’s not that Gray won by default either. Democrats in Mississippi had two well-funded, hard-working candidates with clear-cut goals and practiced rhetoric. He soundly defeated Vicki Slater, a trial lawyer with the backing of a lot of the Democratic establishment, and Dr. Valerie Adream Smartt Short, an obstetrician-gynecologist—without spending a single penny. In a heartbreaking admission, Slater reportedly told the AP “I did everything I could to win this.” The Daily Beast has reached out to her campaign for comment and has yet to hear back.
Gray earned 51 percent of the vote Tuesday, obliterating Slater, who nabbed only 30.2 percent. A small group of Mississippi Democrats have begun to galvanize support for the candidate, creating a Facebook page with a mere 170 likes.
The Democratic establishment is seemingly holding their breath as they trudge toward the November election with a candidate that is the textbook definition of an Average Joe. The chances of Democrats actually winning the election were always vanishingly small, but Gray’s appearance at the top of the ticket will likely complicate efforts to hold on to the offices they do control in the deep-red state.

Eh.  He looks better than Alvin Greene.  Is better for the ticket as a whole than Mark Clayton.  I suppose the man he fits the bill is Albert M Gore, who was the Democrat’s Senate candidate in Mississippi a few cylces back — and did… huh.  As good as anyone else in articulating a Democratic message in various campaign stops, and in the current climate the alternative is seen in the next election cycle where the Democratic candidate was running with great Republican rhetoric against a Republican who was forced to make entrities to a Democratic constituency to keep his campaign afloat in the primary against a “Tea Party” challenger… and the Democrat would’ve lost to either candidate anyways.

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