“the” Donald, or “a” Donald

Ralph Nader complains about the coverage of Donald Trump, and suggests Kasich should be in any Republican debate.
Does well to complain that the Huffington Post is here in the “entertainment” business.
Kavitches about poor showing of his various presidential bids — though I will argue with him on something… notably, I may suggest, he had a weird 2004 Meet the Press appearance which seemed to overstate his impact.  (Media driven, he would argue.)

Of course, Nader is a guy who wrote a book — “Only the Super-rich can Save Us” — which suggests that he’d like someone in the left-wing of the Plutocracy — Bill Gates? — to step in and do what Donald Trump is doing for the Right wing of Plutocracy to … hm… now stop Clinton.

I note that this editorial suggests what I’ve suggested for a while on Donald Trump — so far he’s a boon for Jeb Bush, by exhausting all the media oxygen that would otherwise be doing what it did in 2012, bouncing from candidate to candidate — and while your Rick Perry never picked up the ball, that’s what would have done in Mitt Romney.

For weeks, the blustery billionaire has made it next to impossible for any other Republican candidate to be noticed or emerge as a viable alternative to the former Florida governor.

Though… here, I’m now left to wonder… Donald Trump… could he … actually do something as a third party / Independent candidate?  Approach Ross Perot’s 1992 total, though here submerged entirely with Republican votes?  (which, naturally, will eventually collapse his vote tally into single digits as they dread the prospects of a Hillary Clinton Presidency).   Funny that result… a third Clinton term without a majority of the vote!  Sure… Donald Trump has… all this  — but… does all this matter to the Donald Trump “Reality Show” voter in the first place?

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