running down the presidential hopefuls

So.  What’s the big headlines with all these presidential candidates running?

Ben Carson keeps checking his watch.  4 times during an 8 minute speech.  This, if you remember, undid George Herbert Walker Bush.  We’ll see what it does for Ben Carson.

Ted Cruz told a bad joke about Joseph Biden and his dead son.  He will likely never tell jokes about dead sons of politicians ever again.

Jeb Bush is in Europe.  Because Europe loves that family!  We’re also getting that familiar “fictional bad guy” more popular than “politico” — a rubric I never understand because… ask the question about a fictional bad guy and I’m always thinking of how s/he sticks up in the fictional universe and … oh, works dramatically.

The transgendered vote will never go for Mike Huckabee.  (As these things go, and call me insensitive, but… ‘meh’.)  The Duggars will vote for him, I suppose.

Carly Fiorna attacks the Porn-watching Federal Employees… as sited by a … small number of examples, and I suppose the NSA example that liberals were want to huff about when the last guy was in power and forget when this guy is in power.

Rand Paul or Bernie Sanders?  You’ll have plenty of time to decide.  Or not get that decision.

Lindsey Graham solves the “Who’s First Lady” question.

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