paid for by liberal left wingery against liberal left wingery superpac

Same old, same old.

A Twitter post recently caught the eye of Bill McKibben, the environmental advocate and godfather of the Keystone XL pipeline protests. It included an image from “The Simpsons” showing Homer and his family basking in mountains of cash in their living room, followed by a report on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appearing at a fund-raiser with a lobbyist from the Keystone fight.

Mr. McKibben’s environmental organization,, has been trying to raise awareness about the ties it sees between lobbyists for the oil pipeline and former aides to Mrs. Clinton. He promptly shared the post with his 150,000 Twitter followers, and the reaction was immediate.

“You expect different from a Clinton?” one person responded on Twitter. And from another: “Did you need another reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton?” Lost in the response was the source of the offending tweet. It was not another environmental organization or even a liberal challenger to Mrs. Clinton. Instead, it was a conservative group called America Rising PAC, which is trying, with laserlike focus, to weaken the woman who almost everyone believes will be the Democratic Party’s candidate for president in 2016.

According to the book on the Upton Sinclair’s 1934 California gubernatorial bid under the “EPIC” banner… the Republican funding machine plucked up and recruited, financed a down-ticket EPIC candidate or two… Not quite the same thing — they were doing the same thing that John Clyburn sort of blamed the Republicans ala getting Alvin Greene running…

… perhaps it’s along the lines of Richard Nixon trying to incite black America to demand a black vice president from the Democrats?

The question, as always, in confronting the “Two Party Duopoly” when you don’t want Hillary Clinton to be President, and the opposition brings up good points of contention on that score, but the opposition is… the opposition…

What do you do?

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