analyzing the surprise British election returns

David Cameron wins another term in office.  Confirming the postulation of a “Shy Tory Syndrome”, the idea that the vote for the political party and candidacy is under-reported in the polls, from 1992’s election of the dorky culturally out of touch John Major from the party that had just thrown out the now unpopular Margaret Thatcher as the Party of Greed and self interest — people were embarrassed to admit they’d vote to put John

This year you would think this would have been off-set by a “Shy Labor Party” — with people embarrassed to admit that they would vote to put the very much mocked Ed Milibrand in power — who was “defeated by a bacon sandwich” and was mocked as Wallace of Wallace and Gromit.  But no… The Torys were shier than the Shy Laborites.  Everyone’s embarrassed by their candidates — but one side was more willing to admit to swallowing their spit and say they were voting for theirs.

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