Truth in Advertisement…

This is mind numbingly stupid.

On Tuesday, a consumer watchdog group called on DirecTV to pull the popular ads off the air after cable giant Comcast filed a complaint.

The commercials claim DirecTV has “better signal reliability than cable” and “shorter customer service wait times.” The Better Business Bureau National Advertising Division said those claims are “unsupported” and they should discontinue the ads.

“I think DirecTV thought, ‘We have a great campaign, people are talking about it. It’s entertaining people, and it’s working. Let’s run it untill we get the cease and desist,'” Los Angeles Times media writer Stephen Battaglio said.

In response to the ruling, DirecTV said the various Lowe advertisements are so outlandish and exaggerated that no reasonable consumer would believe the statements made in them require substantiation.

The theory of the ad is that there’s an alternate universe where a different Rob Lowe is using the cable competitor.  Yes.  That’s an unsupported claim.  I guess.

Or whatever unsubstantiated claim is in the latest Slim Jim ad campaign.  (Note:  the one I was thinking I would get involve some “cool” partier with Slim Jims and 2 girls dancing as against … hm… sad pouty fattish girl?)  The amusing thing here is to get to the commercials on youtube, you have to either sit through or skip a commercial.

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