Putin back off the Appalachian Trail

The Long National Nightmare is over.  Vladimir Putin suddenly re-appeared after an eleven day absence.  He was off on Russia’s version of the Appalachia Trail — around Krasnoyarsk, I suppose — and is back.

Not A Coup.  Or maybe it is in the sense that he was working out some matters with the inner chambers of power.

I saw a curious news commentary about Putin’s disappearing, claiming that the great amount of on the edge of their seat wondering in Russia about “Where’s Putin” shows how much the man has become a dictator and “indispensable” gnabbing power.  Without saying anything about Putin one way or another, I find this example ludicrous.  Imagine Obama disappeared for eleven days… the result in America would be… roughly the same.  I mean, remember that governor and the Appalachian Trail…

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