This actually is pretty hilarious.

The Wall Street Journal is positing that the Justice Department of Democratic President Barack Obama has siced Democratic Senator Robert Menendez his disagreements on Iran.  Just look at the timing.

So too says Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Curious.  Logic dictates that the fall of a DEMOCRAT on corruption can only harm the political standing of other politicos on Team DEMOCRAT.  But nay.

Wait.  They’re defending a liberal (in their eyes)?  I suppose they might have done the same with Lieberman, hypothetically.

At least we have some odd sense of policy over party politics in this conspiracy mongering.

And I imagine that Chris Christie is either defending Menendez covertly  or loving that it disinfects him somehow — it’s either Just another case of New Jersey politics or someone that shines greater than he to shade back into “corrupt” moonlight.

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