no one ever bothers to read the North Korean news reports on these things

For what it’s worth, here’s the North Korean news coverage of The Interview.

We’ll see how they follow up on this news.

Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen says the group plans on buying copies of “The Interview” — which depicts the assassination of North Korea’s leader — and including them in upcoming balloon drops over North Korea.


Previous balloon drops have included colorful items: copies of Bravo show ‘Real Housewives,’ films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, chocolate, USBs with offline versions of Korean Wikipedia and American dollar bills. While the items are considered contraband in North Korea, there’s a black market for the material.

Great.  Kardashians are supposed to topple the regime.

I can’t find this quote from a critic of the drop saying “We can better than a damned buddy comedy.”

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