conspiracy moment

Oregonian letter to the editor.

‘The Interview’: I’m probably not the only one who won’t be surprised if in a year or so it’s discovered that “The Interview” hullabaloo turns out to have been a colossal publicity stunt. Perhaps Seth Rogen blurted out, “What if we pretend North Korea threatened us? LOL,” and an eavesdropping CIA zealot loved the idea. Presto! “Black Ops” takes over and another lame-brained conspiracy is born.

This makes more sense than the movie.

Tamara Stromquist of Sherwood

As conspiracy theories go, this one is weird.  We have the national security state deciding to promote the film just for kicks, off of an off-hand joke by the film makers.  The Giant octopus apparatus is just in it for the lols.

As for the last sentence… well, it’s supposed to be silly.

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