maybe labelize it later

Without suggesting the validity of the causes either way, the cause of labeling genetically modified foods has, roughly the same hurdle to cross as the cause against fluoridation — to convince the broad public of its mainstream validity as not some posturing from crunchy granola types — the added burden is that it’s broader electorate, state-wide with a smaller percentage of said crunchy granolas and their neighbors.

It’s where a past effort had a voters’ guide statement from Jimmy Carter against — and how can you oppose the Peanut Farmer Nuclear Scientist Man who brought Egypt and Israel together?

To that end, it is comical, the television ads.  Happy earnest voice over.  Does the deed of batting back the “already label organics” with “not everyone can afford” statement.  Brings it into worldwide context (competing against the map of the no said showing all the states not with this label).  Quotes one editorial about the weakness in the “no” argument from, all papers, the Portland Mercury, without mention that the paper came out against.  And then there’s the list of all the “newspapers all across the state” who have endorsed the measure…

Four.  Apparently they found for newspapers all across the state.  One is from Eugene.

We’re going to be sucking on green corn for a while longer.

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