the curious case of Scott Brown

As New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen accused former Sen. Scott Brown of “fear-mongering” on Ebola, Democrats strongly agreed, Republicans completely disagreed, and independent voters stayed neutral.

Interesting question.  Scott Brown rode his pick-up truck into a Senate seat in Massachusetts, now trying to take his pick-up truck to a Senate seat in New Hampshire…

… Don’t call him a carpetbagger because Henry Clay did the same thing…

How is he doing?  Apparently not running the crest of the Republican wave to victory.  If he were, I’d be picking up him in the poll of polls in states, as we see … oh, Arkansas’s Mark Pryor and Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu pretty well screwed right now.

Where does this bring us on the legacy of Scott Brown, once upon a time the Giant Killer for Ted Kennedy’s seat, and now… future Lobbyist in our permanent government?

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