six to decide. Or ten. Also all it’s going to decide is something Canada cares about, so don’t bother voting.

It’s always amusing to see foreign press on American elections.  Here’s what’s at stake for the midterms… Obama’s Legacy… the Alaskan Pipeline.  And… anything else matter?

No.  It’s goddamned Canada.  Who cares if the tax code shifts here or there?

I like the “Less than One Percent” chancers that this dailykos chart has in tracking Democratic Party chances.  Note that this goes up against the “Greater than 99 percent chancers” for the Democrats.

Meanwhile, the 10 there in the middle are pegged in all news reports as “could decide the Senate”.  Or… maybe some other race will decide the Senate.  Who can say?

Canada says six.  They’re four fewer than the Huffington Post.

I predict an upset in Wyoming!

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