How we Roll



Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s leading Republican opponent says she shouldn’t have helped a Louisiana State University football fan drink upside-down from a beer keg at a recent tailgate party.
Republican Senate candidate Bill Cassidy said people shouldn’t applaud the widely circulated photo of Landrieu holding a spigot to pour beer into a man’s mouth.
Citing his work as a doctor and his role as a parent, the GOP congressman said Wednesday that “keg stands” and other binge-drinking activities should be discouraged and are not “something to celebrate.”
Landrieu, in a tight race for a fourth term, has shrugged off criticism that’s resulted mostly on social media, saying people “need to get a sense of humor.” Tailgating and keg stands, she said, are “just the way we roll” in Louisiana.

Never trust anyone who says “That’s just the way we roll”, particularly when it’s followed by “in geographic designation.”

In Oregon, Monica Wehby’s campaign has cribbed from their benefactor of Karl Rove’s group some campaign material, mostly just demonstrating where the politician’s voting will be.

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