suggestion to Kansas Democrats

Interesting argument being made for Kansas Democrats, who have dropped their nominee to back the Independent.  The Republicans say they need a replacement.

Kobach argued Thursday that state law required Democrats to provide a new candidate. He gave them a week to come up with a replacement and suggested the ballots might be delayed.
On Friday, Kobach appeared to change course, telling election clerks to mail their overseas ballots now to meet a federal deadline.
Kobach hasn’t dropped his argument that Democrats need a nominee. Instead, he told local election officials to include a notice outlining the ballot dispute and suggesting a different ballot may eventually be necessary.
“You may vote using the ballot accompanying this letter as soon as you receive it, or you may wait to vote until you’ve received further notification from us,” the notice tells overseas voters.
Election officials said they would comply with Kobach’s instructions.
“I redid my ballot to remove Chad Taylor’s name,” said Leavenworth County Clerk Janet Klasinski. “This county election office is mailing its ballots.”
Taylor, a Democrat, withdrew from the race Sept. 3, but Kobach ruled the withdrawal was not properly submitted. The state’s Supreme Court disagreed.

For the sake of siphoning off Republican votes, why not run with Ronald Reagan?

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