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So, what’s going on in this Senate race in Mississippi?

The endlessly complicated aftermath of Mississippi’s Republican Senate primary added a new layer of complexity late Tuesday, with reports that the man who had accused the campaign of Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) of buying votes is now accusing a spokesman for Chris McDaniel, Cochran’s opponent, of paying him to lie about the whole thing.

That’s Integrity for you.

And the Senate race in Montana… John Walsh withdraws, we go to… who the hell knows?

And in Tennessee?

But even though the Tennessee Democratic Party remains undermanned compared with the state’s dominant Republicans, it at least will have a candidate this fall who’s not a national joke — something the party couldn’t say two years ago.

Still waiting for Oklahoma, even though… apparently no one cares enough to make a joke of the would be “joke” candidate.

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